Frequently Asked Questions

I am currently a cash-based practice and out-of-network for all insurance carriers. 

Many of my clients do seek reimbursement from their own insurance companies after treatment sessions. For this situation, I provide a ‘Superbill’ which you can provide to your insurance company. I’d recommend you reach out to your insurance company about the process. For those with plans outside of my networks, I am most likely going fall under the category of ‘out-of-network provider’.

Here’s what I recommend you learn when you speak with your insurance company:

  1. Ask them about their physical therapy benefits for out-of-network providers,
  2. How much is your out-of-network deductible and how much of it is left for the year,
  3. If you’ve met your deductible for the year, ask what your co-insurance percentage is now that you’re over your deductible
  4. Ask if there are any annual session amount limits and if your insurance requires another practitioner’s referral. 

You don’t need a referral to see a physical therapist. Typically, you can just call me directly to schedule a session.


Note: If you plan on seeking reimbursement with your insurance, some plans require a referral. Please call your insurance plan’s member services line for additional context and information.

Every patient is different, and the amount of time to heal really varies on a variety of factors. A good example is if you’ve had pain for a long time, with a complex root cause. This situation may be a more involved process than someone with a recent issue. For this question, your best answer would be to call me to clarify your individual situation. At our first session together, I’ll be able to more clearly evaluate you, and give you a recommended individualized treatment course.

My sessions typically last 60 minutes.

Please wear something light and comfortable. In some cases, I may provide manual work, so keep that in mind, as thick clothes may be problematic.


If you have a hip, knee, leg, or ankle situation, I’d go for shorts or a skirt.

Do you have other questions?
Text or call (323) 899-4252

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